Risk advisory

We help companies identifying, measuring and monitor financial and non-financial risks. LFS provides assistance in the development, implementation and monitoring of effective Risk & Control frameworks to enable organizations to mitigate and respond appropriately to ever changing business conditions and risks. Our advice will cover the following risk management aspects:

  • Operational Risk management
  • Basel II Services
  • SoX-404
  • Enterprise Risk management

Operational Risk management

LFS helps organizations in designing and implementing effective operational risk management procedures. Via a quick-scan we ascertain with management what risk management procedures are in place. Based on our evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management procedures formulate risk mitigating strategies and optimize processes where deemed necessary. We create awareness within the organization on the possible effects of non-effective risk management procedures. This approach results in a more effective operational risk management framework. LFS helps reduce the administrative stress associated with implementing and monitoring risk management procedures by using and optimizing procedures already in place and bundle existing knowledge and experiences within the organization.

Basel II Services

Many financial institutions need to evaluate their credit and operational risk practices and capabilities to be compliant with the Basel II Capital Accord. LFS can help you to incorporate the Basel II standards into day-to-day risk management procedures resulting in improvement of financial performance and gaining a competitive advantage.
LFS can help make a risk assessment and identify specific actions to be taken in order to minimize risks and maximize performances.
We provide the following services to help our clients independently identify, measure and better manage their risk:

  • Basel II validation
  • Perform Basel Review for all Basel Pillars
  • Assist in developing Basel Implementation Plan
  • Develop, implement or validate economic capital models
  • Guide Operational Risk AMA Implementation
  • Provide Internal Audit assistance

Integration of Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley

  • Integrate Risk Control Self Assessment procedures for multiple compliance initiatives
  • Set complementary roles and responsibilities for Risk Management, Internal Audit and
  • Integrate regulatory control activities into SoX-404 compliant control framework. 

LFS has profound experience in the financial services industry. We can help your organization in making the correct business decisions, whether it relates to be compliant with Basel II or integrating initiatives such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley with existing operational risk management procedures.